Car Crash: Lamborghini LP640 Roadster

We don’t know what exactly is happening, but sadly enough we have to report another Lamborghini Murciélago LP640 crash, happened yesterday. This time it’s a balloon white roadster that was totalled in Sarasota, Florida, USA.

The LP640 was ripping from the middle lane into the slow lane to pass a car. The middle car jerked to the right lane cutting off the white Lamborghini causing it to lock up its wheels and slide into a nearby car wash, proving yet again that even the superb engineering of Lamborghini will not make you invincible from traffic accidents.

A worker at a local car wash and eye witness, Sean Murdoch reported:

I almost got kia today at work on 41 stickney point car wash, the white ghost Lamborghini the one that’s always hauling ass everywhere crashed into the Audi I was inside of at about 45 mph. The uking idiot almost killed three of us on the exit of the car wash, took out a 20 foot street lamp that did a complete 360 flip, and drifted 12 o’clock into the Audi suv, and hit two other cars, a Toyota Camry and a black Mercedes. The guy got outta the car crying and bleeding out of his forehead “no seat belt” and passed out on the side of a car, the empt’s were literally there in one minute and took him away. The owner of the car ripped up in an AMG Mercedes and ran up to the car, checking it out. Judging by the sound the Lamborghini was in 2nd gear when it locked up.

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  1. While this at first glance looks like a case of reckless driving, there is a persistant rumor that there is a programming fault on the lp640’s traction control or stability control that makes the car swerve randomly. There are way too many murcielago crashes on for the cars production rates. There is at least one law suit regarding this car for this reason.

    Just a possible explanation for the constant flow of murcielago crashes, I believe it could go beyond driver error with this particular model. Italian exotics can be a bit fickle, ferrari have tendency to go into flames for no reason. Just because it’s an expensive car doesn’t mean it can’t have substandard parts or workmanship.

  2. look, Zeph nothings perfect. but as I said in the last LP640 crash, if these shmucks cant keep the car under control they should stick to a smaller less powerful car. and seriously In any exotic crash (especially that Bugatti in texas!!!) I would feel better if the driver got as hurt as the car.

  3. The LP640-4 has no stability control. So only the human behind the wheel can react when the car turns from neutral into oversteer. The Traction Control doesn’t save the car for you it only helps you a bit.

  4. Im soo sick of seeing the recks on this site. I wish this site would bann them ..I think the drivers are stupid enought to love the publisity when they crash one …bet the ass will go buy another one and total the next one tooo! lol


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