Top Gear Season 14 Episode 5

This sunday Top Gear returns after a one-week break with a new episode. In this 5th episode James, Richard and Jeremy show their take on art and try to convince the general public that their vision is correct in a modern art gallery in Middlesbrough.

British manufacturer Noble returns to the Top Gear test track with their latest and most promising supercar yet: the 650hp Noble M600.

The fifth guest this season to have a go in the reasonably priced car is Formula One World Champion Jenson Button. Will he beat Jay Kay’s time of 1 minute 45 seconds and 8th hundreds?

Top Gear returns Sunday 20th December 8pm on BBC Two. Missed it or can’t receive BBC2 in your country? Check back here the day after the show for alternative sources.


  1. does anybody agree this whole series something is going on? and its not money problems, they have loads of money and no cars to test.

    this whole series they have had hardly any cars, each episode has been 5-6 minutes of cars no one gives two ****s about and the rest has been irrelevant bull. what was this art crap? what the hell. if they have run out of things to do then why not go back to what got them famous in the first place? CAR TESTING!!! bloody hell. series 14 sucks and im the biggest topgear fan


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