Ferrari F70

There will be a moment that Ferrari will show its successor for the Enzo. The Ferrari F70 – said to be the new ultimate Ferrari – shall hit the streets in 2012. That is eight years after the production of the Enzo stopped. The F70 will be an combination of all the latest high-tech racing technology, extreme looks and a superlight frame.

Some car manufacturers stopped the horsepower war and started focusing on weight. Ferrari is expected to do the opposite. They will probably unveil a twin-turbo V8 engine topping the Enzo’s 650bhp. The 0-62mph (100km/h) sprint is expected to be just three seconds and the F70 could hit a topspeed of 230mph (370km/h). Of course nothing is confirmed at this stage.

Ferrari F70

[Via Autoblog]


  1. It looks more like a successor for the 458 than the Enzo. The front is bit weird and it doesn’t have the extravagance of the F60.

  2. hate to dis Ferrari but it looks like the inbred of the 458 italia and the enzo i hate the triple exhaust on it it looks better on the 458 and the front is straight up wack man that is the uglyest Ferrari ever

  3. What happened to Ferrari! It’s more uglier every new generation`!
    I think F430 is the best model that Ferrari ever made.


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