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Väth Package for ML63 AMG

Vath ML63 AMG

Väth have been on our radars for a little while now. They focus on making tasteful and mostly subtle upgrades to Mercedes road cars as well as providing that extra power to accompany the looks. Their latest project is for the ML63 AMG and includes both power and aero upgrades, helping the ML reach a top speed of 300kph (186mph).

So, what does the Väth ML hide underneath the bonnet? In short, power is up by 75bhp to 585bhp. They’ve achieved this modest power upgrade by enlarged the countersunk channels leading to the cylinder head as well as adding a bigger air intake, exhaust valves and a sports camshaft. A new exhaust manifold, sports air filter and ECU have all been fitted which completes the €17,850 (£16,042) package.

With 585bhp and 690Nm of toque, the Väth ML will sprint to 100kph (62mph) in just 4.5 seconds and on to it’s 300kph top speed. At these speeds, the rear spoiler is essential to stop the rear axle lift (€405 – £364). The high performance braking system, comprised of 8-piston calipers and 380mm (15


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