2011 Camaro Convertible

Back in May we told you that the Chevrolet Camaro Convertible would be postponed untill 2011. This news has now been confirmed by General Motor’s CEO, Fritz Henderson, who also revealed other information about Chevrolet’s future. The Camaro Convertible will be shown to the public early 2011 and sold as a 2012 model.

Henderson also announced that Chevrolet is not planning a four-door saloon in the future. On the other hand they will invest in performance opportunities across the current line-up, including the roofless Camaro. In line with the green hype going around the automotive world, a rumour suggests that Chevrolet is working on a turbocharged 2.8 liter V6 producing 325bhp. Kinda strange because a 2.8 liter and a muscle car don’t really fit together, if you ask us!

[Via WorldCarFans]

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