JB Design LP640

JB Car Design have a special LP640 up for sale at the moment. They are occasional car tuners and the LP640 was their latest product. It’s up for €355,000, needless to say, the 2008 car features a whole host of upgrades – engine, body and interior modifications – that make up for the cost.

To start with the body modifications, all parts were constructed in carbon fibre. JB Car Design has used their own aerodynamic-package consisting of front- and rear spoiler, rear diffusor, air intake in the front, side coverings, side skirts, the front opening hood as well as the engine hood.

The 20″ Schmidt Revolution Wheels with Michelin wide base tires size 265/30-20 and 335/30-20 hide a set of ceramic brakes with contrasting yellow calipers. The body work has been carried out in a unique colour; “Blood to Black Diamond” which is limited to 911 liters worldwide. 10 coats of this have been applied.

Regarding the output the 12-cylinder engine performs after power level I (28.000,00 Euro) 525kW (710hp). The Lamborghini comes in combination with a changed underbody to a top speed 370km/h. Gears are changed using a F1 steering wheel rocker switch. The upgraded LP 640 JB-R JB Car Design has an increased performance up to 710 respectively 750hp.

The interior was colour adjusted to the exterior by using high quality materials in combination with dark red Ultrasuede and black smooth leather in bi-colour as well as little extras made of carbon fibre.

Among other goodies are the remote controlled exhaust system and full TÜV inspected tints.

If your interested take a trip to JB Sportwagen’s website.



  1. God that is f***ed up!
    what a way to ruin a nice sportscar.
    Awful colour, rims and interiour.
    If you buy that, you gotta be so twisted that you are not entitled to drive italian heritage.
    JB car design, please play with some other cars, toyota iq/prius perhaps? but leave the lambos alone!

  2. surprise surprise – jb car tuner from 924 to 911 to supercars. if you are really interested in buying this handcraft masterpiece :-( ask some questions:

    – is the car without accident in the past
    – are the part´s (body kit) really with german tuev
    – get it on the dyno (i think it will make 650 horsepower)
    – check the engine number at a real lambo dealer for the real history

    a friend of mine worked 2 years for this company and the remarks are based on expiriences with jb.

  3. It was dyno tested and it does put 710 hp to the rear wheels!!!and has a topspeed of 224mph and 0-125mph in 10seconds flat!!! this car has a new crankshaft and is more balanced but still is stock no turbos …not bad ..now put twinnturbos on it and see what happends


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