Ferrari 458 Italia Photoshop

It’s not huge news to us but, today Ferrari chairman Luca Cordero di Montezemolo appears to have confirmed that the 458 Italia Spider is definately on it’s way. In an article on an Italian car website, Montezemolo was quoted as saying “We also plan a spider version, but not for a couple of years.” In the same interview he also confirmed that the 458 Italia will be delivered to customers by next January.

This new information confirms what we already suspected. Ferrari have delayed the 458 Italia Spiders introduction to boost sales for the recently released California. It’s a risky plan in our opinion. The 458 Italia is likely to be far more appealing to the Ferrari customer base that the California ever will be. To tell the truth, we’re a little annoyed that we’ll have to wait at least two years.

On the flip side, customer’s of the Scuderia Spider 16M are likely to be excited by these plans as the 458 Italia boasts an extra 60bhp, presumably making the 458 Italia Spider the faster car. Ultimately, however, owners of the Spider won’t be bothered about any of this… as long as it has a Ferrari badge…

[Via AutoExpress]

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