BMW M line-up

The next-generation M cars from BMW are on their way and the engines are the main rumour in the automotive world. After long debates a critical decision has been made, if we believe Dr Kay Segler, the new head of M GmbH.

In an interview with MotorTrend, Dr Segler elaborated on the future M cars and the current development of the new M5 and M3. He revealed that the new M5 will have a V8 instead of a V10 engine, the M3 will forsake eight cylinders for six. Downsizing is the keyword burning less fuel and emiting less carbon dioxide.

As a response to these plans Segler responded; “Downsizing doesn’t mean downgrading”. Both cars will still be equipped with turbos, which help improve fuel economy and reduce CO2 emissions. So the next M5 and the next M3 will both be powered by turbocharged engines.

The powertrain is not the only subject into the future. Weight is! The power to weight ratio will be improved in comparison to the current versions. Electric-powered M cars are not within the scope. Segler’s answer to an electric M-car was a short and succinct: “No”.

Let’s add a personal note here. If we continue like this we will loose high cylinder engines and the lovely ‘music’ coming from the rear. We are stuck with thinny turbocharged engines or hybrid cars with batteries. As a petrolhead it is so hard seeing the world around you ‘downsizing’ itself. Do you feel the same?

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