2010 BMW M5

With all the attention on the IAA in Frankfurt, the BMW engineers must have thought that they could test the new M5 without too much camera’s around. That was not exactly true because our friends from Autogespot.com had a photographer being encamped alongside the Nürburgring. Despite the camouflage we can be sure this is the new BMW M5 that will be in the dealers showrooms by autumn 2011.

Reason why we are so sure is the much wider body kit than a standard 5-series and the 4 exhaust pipes. What engine we’ll find under the hood is still not certain, but our guess is a 4,4 liter V8 producing 555bhp. That’s the same engine used in the X5 M and X6 M. We hope to get confirmation on the engine soon!

[Via Autogespot.com]

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