F1 Successor

The McLaren F1 may well have been the car that started the modern focus towards completely insane hypercars. It held the record for the worlds fastest production car for 11 years and still holds the record for the worlds fastest naturally aspirated production car. The car’s designer, Gordon Murray, recently announced in an interview that he plans to build a second revolutionary supercar.

The exact words Murray uses are ‘I will do one more supercar – but it’ll be a new breed’. He also claims that modern supercars are not sustainable and on the subject of the new MP4-12C he states that ‘It’s bound to disappoint… there’s no point in trying to outdo the F1.’

The news comes from an Interview given by UK based Car magazine. The new car, yet to start development, will be smaller, lighter and less powerful than the F1. Overall, the car will be an ode to engineering.

We look forward to watching the new car’s development.

[Via WorldCarFans]

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