Ford Mustang GT

Since the Camaro is possibly getting a package trying to beat the Nissan GT-R’s ring lap time, a track pack for the other American muscle car couldn’t stay out. Ford will create a package for their 2011 Mustang GT with 5.0 liter 400bhp strong V8 under the hood. Setting a new record time on the N├╝rburgring isn’t Ford’s aim, they just want to give Mustang owners the chance of having circuit driving pleasure.

The Mustang GT will get a set of anti-roll bars and a reviewed suspension. Besides that the Track Pack includes better brakes and 19-inch wheels with Pirelli rubber. Next year there will be another upgrade for the engine to about 500bhp. The current Track Pack, that is available now, is yours for $1,500.

Ford Mustang GT



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