Dodge Viper SRT10

A while ago it was rumoured that the amazing Dodge Viper was near to its end. Luckely there was a guy called Sergio Marchionne, Fiat’s CEO, who decided to keep on building the Viper. He has big plans for the next-generation all American muscle car.

Car and Drive send a rumour into the world that the next generation Viper will have a V10 under the hood based on the V8’s and V12’s that Ferrari and Maserati are currently using.

We reported that Ferrari is creating a V10 for the new Ferrari Enzo, which makes the development of a Viper V10 a lot easier.

We hope to see this rumour being confirmed soon or latter, because a car like the Dodge Viper is just too amazing to silently die in peace…



  1. This is nonsense,,

    Ferrari is developing a whole new engine,, if there is a car that may use the engine it will be the alpha romeo 8C competizione, and even that car isn’t getting the engine,, so the chance of a viper getting that engine?? do the math….


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