Ferrari 458 Italia mini website

Ferrari has unveiled a mini website for the new F458 Italia. The online platform gives you information on the features of the new Italian supercar, but also the opportunity to download a large amount of sound files, wallpapers and get info on when the supercar is officially unveiled to the public.

In the upcoming three weeks you will be able to hear more about the concept & innovation, style and performance of the fastest ‘prancing horse’ ever built. So check out the website in the upcoming four weeks and you will get more and more information.

In the mean time true die-hards can enjoy the stereo sound files of the supercar overtaking, driving on the track, accellerating or on board the 458 Italia. You can even download the files as a ringtone for your mobile phone. Wallpapers for your pc or phone are also available.

You can visit the website via this link.


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