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Tonight is already the last episode of this season of Top Gear. In this 7th and final episode of season 13 Hammond take out two Australian muscle cars including the insane Vauxall VXR8 Bathurst S edition! James and Jeremy try to create their own tv commercial for the Volkswagen Sirocco TDI. Jay Leno stops by at the studio and has a lap in the reasonably priced car. Finally the guys take out the Aston Martin V12 Vantage to see if it is any good.

Download this episode of Top Gear here or wait for a re-run on tv.


  1. Yeah it had a very sombre ending but they made a point! What did you think of this season? I think it becomes harder and harder to come up with ideas to keep it exciting. This episode was pretty good, the attempts at the sirocco commercial cracked me up :D

  2. A very striking ending indeed. Is he right? Is this really the beginning of the end for the finer things in life such as the Aston Martin’s and the GT40’s? Only time will tell.

    On a brighter note, Jay Leno’s collection will only increase in value!!

    Bring on Series 14.

  3. Or…more to the point, is this the end of Top Gear?

    It would seem an apt ending to the show, which we know has already gone under budget cuts, to finish with Jeremy, in an Aston, driving through their favourite UK roads, speaking of the economic down turn, and then just saying “Goodnight”.

    Maybe I’m reading to much in to it, but maybe not…

  4. Brilliant sombre atmospheric ending. It was different and the emotion of the point came over exactly right, well done Jeremy… Next season starts in November though for any doubters!

  5. @ Andy
    how do you know they’ll be back? I’ve been searching the net but I can’t find any confirmation of them returning, just other people saying that they will return. I want proof, it’d really suck if TG would end to exist… other great tv shows have gone down the drain this year.. e.g. scrubs.
    Please mail me @ [email protected]

  6. iv just finished watching Top Gear on iPlayer and instantly began typing in search for what the last 5 minutes symbolises?!!

  7. They said earlier in the episode that they would return in November, although I did freak out a bit when they kept saying this was the end of the series (maybe it’s just British ‘English’ for season). Also found this site while searching around for the meaning of the last few minutes of this episode. It was very interesting. Best episode of the season though. I agree it looks like they’re running out of ideas for skits to do on the show, but I feel more like it’s the car manufacturers that aren’t giving them enough great cars to continue with new material. Maybe they should go into the past like they’ve done a few times before. Those are always great.

  8. Clarkson said they will return when he talks about the “interesting timing” of Michael Schumacher to replace Massa since there are no cars to test until november, it’s in the middle of the news.


  9. Sean

    Yes, series is the same as season for us in the UK.
    Yea great ending but Im sure they will be back as clarkson said he still thinks top gear have a couple of seasons left

  10. guys are we forgetting the tone of clarkson’s voice whenever he spoke during these last 5 minutes? if all else fails there’s always fifth gear…

  11. I really felt like they had some good skits this season, there are endless skits to do out there in reality, especially when you only have 7 episodes per season then the rest of the year to think stuff up. As long as there are rich people out there who want expensive cars, cars like the Aston Martin and Ferrari’s will exist. they may not run on petrol forever, but there is too much of a following/desire for cars like that for them to suddenly end unless there is some major worldwide disaster.

    He may have been making a reference to Aston Martin’s economic struggles? it would be very, VERY sad to see them go. the cars they have been making lately are timeless beauties.

  12. Do anybody know what the name of the song in the background in the end of this episode is. Such a beautiful ending on the episode. Especially with the song, just takes ur mind far away.


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