Video Bugatti Veyron vs Nissan GT-R

What would a heads-up drag race between the GT-R and the Veyron lead to? We know it is an unfair challenge for the Asian supercar, but still Evo Magazine tried to find out which one was the fastest and paired both at an airfield. Just check out the result after the jump.



  1. I would prefer the sound of the engine over the music if there’s any, it’s just an unfair race(what’s the point), I’d love to see a drag race between a Veyron and a Zenvo ST1(if they ever make it to productions) or a race between a Veyron and the SSC.

  2. what a rubbish clip. showed all this crap and then the actual race from a distance.
    would have been nice to know at what point the veyron got the gtr…!


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