Inden Design Ferrari F430 Spider

The Tuner Inden have deverloped a special edition of the Ferrari F430. The tuner from Haiger, Germany, included some aerodynamic changes, new light-weight wheels, a stainless steel-made sport exhaust system, extra horsepower and some interior extras into a full package.

At the front they have put up a modified front-spoiler. The side-flaps are a muscular sign, says Inden Design. The attached parts, like the carbon-diffusor and the rear valance are the final aerodynamical extras to the car.

For the ultra-wide tracking of the car, they attached lightweight wheels. The wheels with the dimensions 8,5×20 (235/30 R20) inches and 12×20 inches were assembled with 325/25 R20 high performance tires. An Inden Design sport spring set puts the supercar a few millimetres closer to the ground.

The stainless steel-made sport exhaust system with damper control and Kat replacement tubes in conjunction with a new engine electronics coaxed 35 horsepower extra. The stainless steel exhaust system has a damper control which is either through back pressure control automatically opens or closes. If you want you can open and close it by remote control.

The two-seated cockpit of the F430 is a combination of carbon and leather with the comfort of a super sports car. The combination of the colors the buyers can choose by themselves. The dashboard, the center console, sport wheel covers and several covers have been refined with original leather.

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