Lotus Esprit Mule

We recently discussed the future of Lotus and their planning to refresh the complete line-up. It includes the already announced convertible version of the Evora as well as an Supercharged Evora, a new Elise and Esprit.

Lotus CEO Mike Kimberley has revealed they are planning on developing a car together with “a very well respected prestige carmaker”. Rumours now go that Lotus will be using the Lexus V10 with 500 bhp available in the LF-A. Stay tuned for more!

Lotus Esprit Mule

[via Motorauthority]

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  1. I’m not sure that’s how business works.
    Lexus: “oh you want to make a car to compete with ours?”
    Lotus: “Yes.”
    Lexus: “Great! Here, use our engine if it helps.”

    A V10 would be good. Maybe BMW since they don’t have a super sports car (although the M6 is amazing), and it would be good practice for the M1, if they decide to make one in the future.

    Like Mercedes worked with McLaren, and now they’re using all the knowledge they got to make new fast cars without McLaren.

  2. If this story is true, which I believe it is, it will be great for Lotus. Finally having a supercar in the class that needs a highly powered engine to compensate the weight of it. The current Esprit had the looks, they are gone due to time, but missed that power!

  3. I remember (long ago) seeing an Esprit with 8 wheels… well, that was in fact 4x 2 tires side by side. It was said to improve handling (and I guess lower the chance of being stopped by puncture). I wonder if these twin-tires rims are still used now…


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