Ariel is probably British smallest sports carmaker. They only made one model so far. The Atom is one of the fastest and lightest sportscars out there. Although nothing is confirmed yet, Ariel CEO Simon Saunders, said that Ariel is considering expanding its model line-up, and fans of the brand will be happy to hear they will be sticking to keep their cars light and sporty. The new Ariel is said to be as interesting as the Atom but still completely different!

One aspect that’s set to change for the new vehicle will be its power source, Ariel will use alternative power sources such as an electric motor instead of a petrol V8.

Saunders says:

Other changes will lie in the fact that the new Ariel model won’t be as bereft of side panels and a roof as the Atom. While it will be more of a conventional-looking vehicle, it also won’t just be a standard sports car to rival models from the likes of Lotus and Noble. It won’t be an attempt to “take on the established manufacturers” but will instead be placed into a “totally new segment”.

We can’t wait for more!

[via Motorauthority]


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