Back when Nissan released the GTR they decided to set down a time on Germany’s infamous Nurburgring. First they announced the time, 7m 29 seconds, then they released the proof, footage of the actual lap. Since then, Nissan’s engineers have upgraded several key components including the troublesome launch control and have produced another personal best time for the circuit.

With the extra bhp, fettled suspension and gearbox, the GTR was able to produce a time of 7m 27.56 seconds at the hands of test driver Toshio Suzuki. Toshio Suzuki has been with Nissan throughout the development of the GTR and has competed in various racing series including a brief period of time in Formula One. He was also at the wheel of the car which previously set the benchmark time at the ring.

It’s also been reported that Nissan aren’t finished yet. The GTR remains at the track alongside a Spec-V model in anticipation of bettering this time and honing in on the target time of the Corvette ZR-1, 7m 26.4 seconds.

The Spec-V model looks destined to eclipse the standard GTR’s time thanks to features such as an over-boost button and it’s various weight saving measures. Then again we would expect as much from a model which costs almost twice as much as the standard car!

[Photo by VODcars]

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