A Lamborghini Murciélago LP640 is an exotic car that almost everybody loves. It’s looks are hot, it’s fast and it sounds brutal. For some owners it isn’t satisfying enough and that’s the reason why we have added two videos below for you to compare. Which one is the best? The LP640 with straight pipes or with a Capristo exhaust? Let us know!

Lamborghini LP640 with straight pipes:

Lamborghini LP640 with Capristo exhaust:

The credits go to our member Daveoflogic!

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  1. The straight pipes are cool and loud but I’d prefer the Capristo one. Only negative point of that one is the look, it’s just a bit “too obvious” and it doesn’t really fit together with the design of the LP640’s rear-bumper!

  2. yeah capristo is better but i do like straight pipes more…its sound beastly……especially in the tunnel…..omg it’s roaring

  3. Hi

    Capristo for me, i have seen and heard both of Adam’s Lambo’s with these fitted in person, and there is nothing like it….

    I am actually in the top picture…..




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