JE Design have released images of their new Cayenne based project, the Progressor. The kit is mostly a cosmetic upgrade applied to the 957 Porsche Cayenne and features new bodykit’s, a new set of alloys and a lower ride height than the standard model.

The Cayenne is quickly becoming the SUV of choice for the modifying scene, there’s a choice between many well respected names for potential owners including Gemballa, Techart and EDO Competition. So what’s different with the JE Design kit?

To start with, the company claim it’s “the most masculine Porsche world-wide“. It’s not difficult to see why they make this claim either, the Progressor sits up to 70 millimeters lower on adjustable suspension as well as 60 millimetres wider on the front axle and 80 millimetres at the back axle. Couple this with the bulging bodykit, flared and vented fenders and 22 inch alloys and we have an extremely mean looking Cayenne that any footballer would be happy to own.

Overall we quite like it, however we’d definitely take an Edo Competition GTS over the JE Design. Perhaps if they added some extra power we might re-consider… let us know what you think.


JE DESIGN constructs the most masculine Porsche world-wide

Cayenne turns into the PROGRESSOR

Progress can not be stopped, especially when it is dashing forward in such a broad and powerful way. The automobile refiner JE DESIGN converts the current Porsche Cayenne (Type 957) into the PROGRESSOR and shows which potential can be release from the serial Porsche.

The PROGRESSOR presents itself significantly broader and more dominant than the standard Cayenne. This impression is already confirmed by a first glance at the front skirt with its LED daylight running lights, the side skirt and the rear skirt extension. At the front, voracious air inlets and fierce headlamp masks confirm that the PROGRESSOR is not only up for games.

Also, the undercoating which protrudes into the front skirt is bicoloured and therefore emphasises the challenging character of the automobile.

The PROGRESSOR does not only pretend to be broader, it really grew. The track width at the front axle extended by enormous 60 millimetres, and even by 80 millimetres at the back axle. This goes hand in hand with extended wings, adapted side skirts with integrated LED door sill lamps and the robust wheels SUV-Select. These cast wheels in one piece measure 10×22 inches and are equipped with high performance tyres sized 295/30 R22 XL. JE DESIGN has engineered the wheels with its classic five-spike design especially for king-sized automobiles like the Cayenne. The wheels with the graphite gloss finish perfectly match the white racing colour varnish of the PROGRESSOR.

The sportive appearance is not only accentuated by the additional width, but also by the additional depth of the car. With its reduced sport springs, an electronic lowering kit or a version 3 coilover, the PROGRESSOR can be lowered between 35 and 70 millimetres. Therefore, the sportive appearance is also honoured by the driving dynamics.

The rear exterior is by no means docile at all. The perfectly adjusted rear skirt extension sets a dominant mark with its six integrated LED lights and its diffuser look. Anyway, most motorists only see the four-pipe exhaust system of the PROGRESSOR which protrudes through the rear skirt with its chromed oval pipes.

With the PROGRESSOR, JE DESIGN presents a masculine car which even makes the serial Cayenne look pale. The running gear and appearance of the refined automobile perfectly match the power provided by Porsche.



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