The credit crunch seems to have effect on the new season of Top Gear. BBC bosses told Jeremy Clarkson to focus on budget models instead of supercars in the next season. This will seriously damage the appeal the series has to viewers worldwide, because Top Gear without supercars is like Germany without the autobahn…

Some quotes:
“Jezza, 48, Hammond, 39, and May, 46, could be seen behind the wheel of cars like the dinky £10,000 Toyota iQ and “unfashionable

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  1. What’s so wrong with a Ami8 etc. against a almost modern Toyota IQ? I guess it would be a great competition xD
    As long as they keep their unique style, everything is ok ;)

  2. In these times of crisis people need to dream more than ever, just to forget the s… they’re in. And an IQ never made anyone dream… I am astonished that the BBC does not understand that.
    Then of course it could be a joke, and it wouldn’t be the first one on this subject.

  3. Its not fair how the bbc bosses tells JC to focus on the budget cars. The supercars is what attracts the viewers. Fifth gear, many sensible cars, boring and low ratings while Top Gear, destroys caravans or darts with cars and feature alot of supercars. Thats why alot of people watch it and ratings are high. 75% of people want expensive and supercars while 25% want the sensible stuff. Its gonna wreak the show if they use Toyota IQs as a road trip rather than supercars and normaly, Top Gear use supercars for those. If ratings are high for what there doing, then they should do what they do to that made the show so popular, not changing what their doing, add more exciting stuff. It will be like classic top gear if they feature more affordable cars and classic top gear wasnt that good.

  4. I don’t think gear is all about testing mostly super cars…but it doesn’t matter…even if the cars are rubbish…and 30% of the show have these cars…they are so entertaining…I can watch them talk about kitchen utensils!!!


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