Lotus Exige EV

Polluting cars must be the hottest topic for car manufacturers these days, beside the financial and economic crisis of course. Hybrid and electric cars are said to be our future. Next in line producing a ‘green’ car is the British wind energy company Ecotricity that has nearly finished the development of the all-electric Lotus Exige EV. The engineers are a team of six that have proven their skills before.

They have worked on the development of the Corvette ZR1, the De Lorean, the Jaguar XJR15, the Lotus Elan and the McLaren F1.

The Lotus Exige is a lightweight sports car with a good sprint time and track handling. Loosing that wouldn’t be an option. That’s why Ecotricity made sure that the car’s 0-62mph time will be about 4 seconds and it will have a top speed of over 140mph (225kmh). To find out more details you can can watch the video of the car’s development below.

Company chief Dale Vince said:

The point of the project is to prove to middle England that electric cars can be quick to develop, beautiful to look at, cheap to run, and run entirely on wind power. The speed of development was critical, and the main reason why the development team was kept small. They had the ability to make decisions on the fly, while keeping costs low. To date, they have spent around £200,000 on the seven-month-old project.

If this were Ford it would have taken years and millions of pounds to develop,” said project leader Ian Doble. “Big car companies are very conventional. We can keep it small and can make decisions quickly.

[via WorldCarFans]

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