SSC Ultimate Aero

The SSC Ultimate Aero is, with it’s 257 mph (411 kmh) topspeed, worlds fastest production and streetlegal car. We believe you all know that’s 2.5 mph (4 kmh) faster that the Bugatti Veyron. If you have a neighbour owning a Veyron and you’re interested in a small race, then you certainly need to stop at the dealership in West Palm Beach, Florida, USA.



  1. I dont care what yall say im in the need for speed so so yeah im defently a potentinal buyer just as soon as i get the money I for one think this car could be real nice and its about half the price of a veyron 587grand is a shitload better than 1.6million

  2. are you a moron..the veryon an the SSC Ultimate Aero Twin Turbo . SSC Ultimate Aero Twin Turbo is 587 grand cheaper an faster dont have be a brain figure which one the best!!!!!!

  3. Well fbz sounds like your from over seas some where in Europe. Also sounds like your jealous that a small US auto Co. can make the worlds faster production street car lol. Let me educate you as well fbz, when that speed record was set it was set on a 2.5 mile stretch of high way that was closed off for this prepus up in Washington state. When the veyron speed record was set, it was done on a control enviorment testing track designed for that perpus. There for the Veryon had the advantage. 256+ mph for the Ultimate Aero, 253+ mph for the veyron. Mind you this record by the Ultimate Aero was set with the 1183 hp engine, not with the 1287 hp engine now. Also when that record was set it could have gone even faster but it ran out of road. Last it is marked down offically in the Guiness Book of Records as the world fastest production sports car, the Veryon is not. Those are that facts fbz, so get over it.
    Troy if I were in your shoes I would do exactly like you. Your right the SSC is just under half the price as the Veryon, and personaly I think the veryon looks ugly as hell. So if you do buy one personaly I think it looks best in red.
    Curt I agree fbz is a moron, but hes also jealous. He hates knowing the US can make a exotic sports car better then the Europeans.
    End of story

  4. This is why the ssc is alot better then the veryon the veryon is a v12 the ssc is a v8 that is sad and tell me that makes it a even more better ssc all day go USA we the best

  5. The Bugatti Veyron isn’t better its just way more expensive, looks like some serious shit (literally), and is slower than the Ultimate Aero

  6. the ssc is way better than the piece of sh** Bugatti Veyron
    looks better,easier to afford,and its engine is just amazing compare 2 the bugatti lame ass engine

    and really the veyron is better? dont make me laugh just because it has a 1183 hp v12 engine with 4 turbos and cost 1.6 million????? with all that money anyone can make the ssc WAY faster and still stay on budget since the ssc itself is only $654,500 so point taken
    the SSC Ultimate Aero kicks its ass no matter what you do to the ugly Veyron :p

  7. The Bugatti has a 1001bhp W16 engine, stupid.
    And the US plastic sh** like the SSC is a car no one needs.
    The Veyron is a masterpiece of craftsmanship.

  8. the Bugatti is still stupid then cuz if it reach over 1 thousand with a big engine and 4,yes 4 f***ing turbos than it sucks,a lot of cars with smaller engines make more power than that with one or two turbos
    its a masters*** :p

  9. The Veyron actually has a W16 engine…(two V8s set next to each other.) and the UA has a V8. half the engine. half the price. more power….more speed. europe makes good cars but…….yeah well the ssc has got them all beat.

    except the koenigsegg…lol not as fast but thats def my fav. car!


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