Techart offers the first upgrade for the new Porsche Cayenne Diesel. In Geneva we had a chance to take a closer look at the modifications included in this upgrade. In this Techart Cayenne Diesel the changes are only optical but Techart told us that they are working on two performance upgrades.

This Techart Cayenne Diesel has a full aero package with white 22″ Techart Formula alloy wheels. Worth mentioning is the new rear spoiler that improves downforce and improves the aerodynamics. Techart also added the adjustable air suspension and sports exhaust. Inside Techart replaced the standard steering wheel with the Techart version. The white stitching on the black leather looks beautiful.

With the exterior and interior under control the Cayenne Diesel is crying for more power. Techart is working on two packages. The stage 1 performance upgrade consists of updated motor management and should be ready in 6 weeks. With stage 2 of the performance package the Cayenne Diesel will get turbocharged by Techart. With the development of the performance package for the Techart Diesel underway we hope that Techart manages to spice up the otherwise underpowered Cayenne Diesel.

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  1. There must be at least 300hp possible.
    Think of the Audi A5 3.0TDI by MTM it’s the same engine and when I’m not wrong it has 300hp+!!!

    The standart Cayenne Diesel sucks pretty bad with a topspeed of only 214km/h it’s possible to overtake it with a olf2.0TDI ;-)


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