Porsche 997 TT & Corvette ZO6 TT

Everytime we see ‘TT’ appearing in the name of a car, we start smiling. That is more than normal when we tell you that this Twin Turbo Corvette has an output of 700 bhp. The exact power of the Porsche isn’t known but we are sure it’s above the 500 bhp level. Scroll down for the video and see how these two beauties roll the streets of Jersey City and Newark in Ney York.

D2FORGED.com Z06 APS Twin Turbo / Porsche 997 TT C

Click here to see high-res pictures of both cars!


  1. WTF are ppl complaining here?
    There are millions of car videos on the internet and our editors view lots of them on their free time to present our readers good stuff.
    If you don’t like it, watch one of the other 100s videos on this site and stop whining, kid.


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