Corvette CS

Because the Corvette ZR1 is a limited edition and not available for everyone, the guys from Chevrolet decided to bring a 4th Corvette model on the market. It isn’t really a new model, but a package to be fitted on the C6. That will let you make a choice between the standard C6, the ZO6 and the ‘new’ Corvette with Competition Sportpack. When a sportscar gets a new package that means it will be stronger and faster. That’s true for the Corvette, but it only got 6 bhp extra, not really a lot if you ask us!

Beside the extra power it also gets a new break-system, reviewed differential and a new exhaust-system. On the exterior you get new rims, grey racing stripes and some other stickers. The headlights get a tinted glass to make it look a bit more ‘sporty’.

On the inside you can find the sportive trend back with new set of accelleration and break pedals and a few other details. The package will be available before the summer!

[via Autogespot]

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