The Tokyo Auto Salon 2009 bought us plenty of information on tuned GT-R’s that we plan to bring to you in the coming week. One of these new tuning project’s is the Blitz R35 GT-R, it’s one of the most extreme conversions on the car yet and intended primarily for the D1 drift racing series over in Japan.

Although the car isn’t completed yet, a significant amount of work has been put into the car. One of its features is the removal of the AWD system in preference to a RWD system which is necessary for the drift racing scene. This lightens the car by removing all the bulky components that divert the power and has obvious performance gains over the standard car.

The car also includes a Blitz ZRR suspension kit, some forged magnesium wheels and a carbon fibre bonnet. There’s carbon fibre all over the interior and a sequential Hollinger manual gearbox and the air conditioning has been replaced with Blitz gauges. There’s also going to be a new exhaust to release a little extra horsepower from the engine.

The car is meant for drifting so it’s unlikely a ‘street’ version will be sold as a complete kit, although I’m sure if the customer wants this done to their car, Blitz would be only too happy!

[Via GTR Blog]


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