SPI 997 Sledgehammer

Switzer Performance Innovation, short SPI, is an Ohio based small tuner that mostly fixes their thoughts on exhaust systems and other small parts for Porsche’s. After seeing one tuner after the other boosting up the 911 series, he decided to give it a try aswell and that turned out in an output of 1,000 bhp.

Tym Switzer, CEO of SPI, says:

When the customer first came to me with his 997, we talked a lot about about pushing the limits the new engine and what might be possible using stock internals. I had already been inside the 997 turbo engines, and felt that 700 wheel horsepower seemed well within reach on pump fuel, and that we might be able to go a bit further.

The special 911 did the quarter mile in 9,79 seconds. To continue the great work SPI created a Sledgehammer package that can be installed on every SPI twinturbo 911 engines. That comes together with new exhaust pipes, intercoolers en adapted GT30R turbo

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