In a bid to capitalise on the success of cars such as the Caparo T1, Motorsport company Reynard have released their first road legal car. True to their routes, the British company’s car will be a racer too and is set to compete this year at the hands of the company owner Adrian Reynard.

It’s to be called the Inverter and is built on a steel tube frame with the outside being the customers choice of either fibreglass or carbon fibre. Theres a choice of either a Honda or Suzuki engine with a paddle shift sequential transmission. The weight is to be kept down to only 400 kg or 882 lbs fully fueled which promises to produce a staggering 4g’s when cornering. The difference between ‘street’ and ‘race’ spec is a set of slick tires and the name was chosen alongside Reynard’s claims that the car can be driven upside down at 100mph because of the huge amounts of downforce the car produces. Check out the press release below.


Reynard Inverter

A 2 seat sports car fully compliant with SVA regulations for low volume type approval and capable of being road registered. Designed to compete as a racing car in the 750 Motor Club Bike Sports Championship

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