We�ve reported on Geiger tuned cars a couple of times before, but we�ve always neglected to mention their range of Hummer modifications. So, considering Hummer�s current state of neglect (GM have voiced their intentions to sell the brand), Geiger have decided it�s a good time to release images of their H3 V8 Kompressor.

One of the most noticeable features of this beast is the Martini livery lifted straight from the Martini Racing team of the 70�s and 80�s. There�s a new body kit and no rear spare tire also, it seems Geiger aren�t lacking in irony… they�ve even modifying the interior with Carbon Fibre touches. Geiger haven�t released the official weight of the new car, however it probably won�t be much of an improvement on the 5,069lb (2,299kg) of the standard car.

The engine is a 5.3 litre V8 unit packing a reasonable 423bhp, an increase of 123bhp over the standard cars 300. That�s enough for a 7 second 0-62mph and a terminal speed of 148mph (238kph). Bearing this in mind, Geiger have made a few modifications to the brakes, a set of six-piston 380x35mm disc brakes, and a number of suspension upgrades in an aim to create some sort of handling properties otherwise missing from the standard car. There�s a set of 22x10in wheels in 305/40 Continental Cross Contact tires as well.

[Via MotorAuthority]

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