BMW E92 - Porsche 911 S

We should think that the BMW E92 M3 is the car of the year, but that doesn’t seem true sofar. Anyway, it has been compared against the Mercedes C63 AMG, Lexus IS-F, Audi RS4 and so on, but a comparision against a Porsche is new.

Both cars run on a 7-speed gearbox and both near to 400 bhp. The difference can be found in the weight, the Porsche is just a little bit lighter but that is leveled by the BMW by having 35 horses more under it’s nose. Another difference can be found in the price, � 57,700 ($ 81,360 – � 56,220) for the Porsche, as it is in the test and � 52,140 ($ 73,500 – � 50,800) for the BMW. Scroll down and find out which one is the best…!


[Via CarandDriver]

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