It’s not very often you hear of a company tuning a Ferrari, therefore T2-G are part of a very rare set of tuners. The look they have created for Ferrari’s F430 probably appeals to some people’s tastes more than others.

To start with there’s a new front bumper which appears to create a huge black crevice where the numberplate would normally be. For this T2-G charge �2,705 including Japanese taxes. It’s made of Carbon and FRP so it’s likely to reduce the overall weight of the car by a fraction as well as maintaining the strength.

Next there’s a side spoiler made from FTP, practically the same properties are instilled in this as previously mentioned. It’s looks are such that it makes the car look more aggressive in profile whilst not making the car look overly aggressive. We like it… it can be yours for just �1,933 (inc. Taxes).

The rear diffuser is available in either Carbon Fibre or FRP depending on your price preferences. The pictures are dark for this one so we’ll tell you that the Carbon Fibre parts cost �1,933 whereas the FRP is �1,393. All are 3 piece kits.

The last of the modifications listed is pure luxury… a carbon fibre license plate, just the kind of weight every Ferrari owner is looking to shed. For this extreme luxury expect to pay �955. Take a look at the pictures that we’ve collected…



  1. bonjour je suis francais je cherche une replmique de f 430 ou 360 modena ou un body kit complet pour toyota mr 2 coupe pouvez vous m aider ci oui combien cela couterai? merci de votre comprehention et excuse moi de ne pas parler englais je parle allemand ou francais . a bientot cordiallement M.klein laurent.


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