The GT-R is starting to look just as successful as the previous generation Skyline GT-R. Companies such as Hennessey, Power House Amuse, Top Secret, HKS, Nismo, Wald International have all turned their hand to Japan�s latest offering. German company COBRA N+ have lent their skills to the machine in anticipation of the cars release into the European in spring 2009.

By increasing the Turbo Boost, tuning the ECU and new air filters, COBRA N+ have released 543bhp from the twin turbo V6. Torque is increased to 680Nm, with the speculation of a new exhaust system to add to the list of modifications, we suspect these figures will increase further.

There is a custom set of adjustable coil-overs, three piece 21in COBRA N+ alloy wheels, and new front brake discs. There’s some new body kit pieces to held with aerodynamics, downforce and airflow and some new graffics to show off the cars fantastic lines.

Interior modifications also become available with lots of leather and alcantara, racing harnesses and seats with carbon fibre structures. The only drawbacks we can see about this car is that the company are normally to be found working on Nissan’s normal products such as the Quashquai, Note and 350Z…

[Via MotorAuthority]

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