Two weeks after the first image of the new 9ff flagship showed up, we got a chance to take a closer look at the 9ff GT9-R at the Essen Motorshow. The car shown in Essen is slightly different from the image presented earlier, it’s missing the roofscoop and the small cuts in the bodywork, but that aside the 9ff GT9-R has got everything to make it go fast including a 1120 hp / 1050Nm engine and aerodynamical changes to make it stick to the ground at speeds that even lift a fully loaded Boeing 747 off the ground easily.

We can now also show you the rear of the 9ff GT9-R. The new GT9-R has a partly open rear similar to it’s predecessor the 9ff GT9. The GT9 had an open rear for improved aerodynamics, the new GT9-R has a smaller open rear but 9ff added a carbon fibre spoiler and huge full size diffuser to the back of the car to improve high speed stability and downforce even further.


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