Porsche Cayenne Diesel

That Porsche is going to present a diesel engine for it’s successfull Cayenne is known for a while now. We also knew that it will be a 3.0 liter TDI from Audi origine. But now rumours go that the Cayenne will get another diesel-block in the nose and not a real small one. We are talking about a V10 diesel known from the VW Touareg or even the V12 TDI known from Audi might fit under the Cayenne’s hood. As soon as we have confirmation about that we’ll let you know…

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  1. The V12TDI would suit the Cayenne perfectly. Much better than the V6 diesel engine. Unfortunately Diesel engines are a lot heavier than normal gas engines, so the handling migh suffer.

  2. The V10 is more possible due the fact that Touareg and Cayenne have a nearly as similar engine bay. But what makes me think that this isn’t gonna happen is the fact that the V10TDI has can get faster than 230km/h in the R50 Touareg because it runs into the rev limiter…
    Maybe with another gearbox it’ll be faster.


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