Maserati Front Page

In-keeping with the cryptic theme surrounding this years Paris Motorshow and the car industry in general (Lamborghini, Porsche and Aston Martin have all done it) Maserati released a message via their website last night to tell us all to be supprised. The website also gives you a choice of what to guess for, a new car, a new advertising campaign, a new website, a new concept store, a new headquarters, a new trident logo, a new testomonial or a new logo. My vote’s gone in a new car, just like 46% of other visiters currently, which one are you going to pick?


  1. I dont know about you…but I can see on their page “ITS NOT ANOTHER NEW CAR” and “ITS NOT A NEW LOGO” ….So I dont think its a new car their gonna surprise us with….


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