3rd Lamborghini Teaser

In what’s quickly becoming the most cryptic car release ever, a third picture has been revealed supposedly from the Lambo-Power forums which shows what the cars tail lights look like. Theres also speculation that the car could be called the Urus. The new teaser was released with the tag-line ‘A new Lamborghini. The elegant realisation of technical potential’. Now we know that the car could potentially be front engined with a diffuser and sleek, Aston Martin style tail lights. It seems most likely the car will be a saloon.

[Via LamboPowerrent a car bulgaria]


  1. All photos and news of the Estoque are in our forum:

    We are having problems with the frontpage at the moment…

    GTspirit.com Crew

  2. Guys,

    I love the website, I’ve been reading following it for the past year and a half…but come on figure out that bug already, until reading the comments about it I honestly thought the site was abandoned.

  3. The forum is still up and runing and a post was put up a while back. We’re waiting for wordpress to get back to us but it’s not proving easy for either them or us to work the problem out. You’ll have to bear with us, we are trying our best :)


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