Car Magazine has recieved more information about the SLC currently in the development stages. The SLR successor won’t be marketed under the Mercedes-Benz name but will instead become the first AMG branded model. This could point the German carmaker in a new direction for the future, relying on the AMG name for the most extreme of it’s cars. Other details to emerge include the confirmation of the Gullwing door design that can be seen in the latest spyshots, there will be a clear reseblance to the saloon style front grille instead of that seen on the SLK and SLR and that the car is not a rival for the Audi R8, featuring a front mounted engine. Car goes into a great deal of depth, stating that the SLC will be 183 in long, 76.8 in wide and 49.2 in high, with a wheelbase measuring in at 106.3 in. The car should be with dealers by late 2010 with a 2010 Geneva show unvieling.

[Via LeftLaneNews]


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