JE Design Cayenne

Applying their knowledge of VW’s Toureg and Audi’s Q7 from previous projects, JE Design have expanded their range of products to cover a kit for Porsche’s Cayenne. The new front spoiler is designed to give the SUV a more muscular look, the spoiler also includes a set of daytime running lights which are said to be cruicial to ‘seeing and being seen’ in the event of a near collission. The headlight covers make the headlights stand out less making the front end seem lower from the front which in turn makes it seem more sporty. 22 inch Alloys are another cosmetic tweak and the lower springs help complete the lower sportier look, with the carbon fibre interior finishing the car off to a high spec. As you can probably tell JE Design have tried to maintain the sporty look as much as possible, it’s definately not the worst looking take on a Cayenne out there…

JE Design Porsche Cayenne

Porsche JE Design Cayenne

[Via GermanCarScene]



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