2010 Pagani Zonda

The Pagani Zonda has been around for almost ten years since the first concept was introduced at the 1999 Geneva Motorshow. In this time the company have gone from strength to strength in capturing a spot in the top tier of supercar producers. These latest pictures show what Pagani are currently working on to make the car more competitive with other new comers and convince wealthy customers to part with their cash.

The most natable changes are at the front where a re-design has taken place and at the back where the rear quarter has been re-designed to increase air flow. A new air scoop has also been added along with a re-designed diffuser. A new shifter is the only thing that looks to have changed on the interior, however the ‘Zonda F’ badging can still be seen on the centre console, there could therefore be an interior re-design in place as well. The engine is still a mystery to us but it is certain to be derived from Mercedes Benz sports division AMG. The car is being designed with the US and Japan in mind, both places where Pagani where unable to sell their cars previously because of car import regulations.

2010 PaganiZonda

Pagani Zonda

2010 Pagani

[Via LeftLaneNews]


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