Matte Veyron

Considering some of the crazy cars that have come out of Dubai and the surrounding areas, it’s no supprise that this Veyron owner wanted to makes his stand out above others. He wrapped the entire car in Matte Black and added a Chrome bonnet! Special editions obviously weren’t enough, why have a Pur Sang or Sang Noir when you can have a completely unique look on your £899,000 supercar!

Some issues appear to have been overlooked, such as the heat conducting properties of Black in the heat of the UAE deserts. However thats the price you pay if you want to be one step above the rest of the ‘standard’ Veyron owners…

Matte Bugatti Veyron

Bugatti Veyron

[Via Jalopnik, Carzi]

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  1. To me it makes the car look better
    because the black paint hides the
    awful shape… and the chrome
    bonnet somehow also hides the ugly
    front grill.

  2. Notice:

    See the license plate?
    ‘Normal’ Ferrari/Lambo/Posrche etc. come from Dubai…..
    Crazy mental supercars like Gemballa, Mansory, Hamann etc come from Abu Dhabi.

    Dubai is just the place to go out but the cars come from Abu Dhabi…


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