Imsa Lamborghini LP560 GTV

Imsa released their tuning kit for the Lamborghini LP560-4 that has been on the market for only a few months now. This Imsa Lamborghini LP560 GTV conversion adds another 24hp to the 560hp output of the standard LP560. The power increase is reached by a number of engine and ECU modifications and a new exhaust, that as a bonus produces even better sounds.

Imsa stayed in line with the original lines and styling of the LP560, only adding a new set of alloy wheels and a new carbon fibre rear spoiler. Pricing for this LP560 GTV kit is still to be finalized. The changes Imsa made to the LP560 are very discreet and work really well with the LP560’s design, but will it be enough to please the LP560 owners looking for more power?

Imsa LP560 GTV



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