Hamann aerodynamics for facelifted BMW 6 series

German tuner Hamann offers two new aerodynamics packages for the facelifted BMW 6-Series. The package includes a new frontbumper, sideskirts, roofspoiler, rearspoiler and new rear bumper with diffuser and room for the optional Hamann sports exhaust.

Hamann further offers a range of new 19, 20 and 21″ wheels, altered sports suspension and a set of high performance brakes. Next to these mainly optical modifications to your BMW 6-series, Hamann also offers engine tuning for the facelifted BMW 630i, 635d and 650i. This software modification adds another 17 to 21 hp and Hamann removes the limiter on your 6-series. For the fastest 650i this will lift the topspeed to 270 km/h.

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