Salon Privé 2008

Being ultra exclusive, the 2008 Salon Privé attracted a large variety of expensive machinery. Set out on the greens of the Hurlingham Club in central London where 2 McLaren F1’s, 3 Veyrons, Enzo, 2 Zondas, a Koenigsegg, SLR 722 and Roadster, Porsche CGT, Alfa 8C, Lamborghini LP640 and the new Gallardo 560 plus the new Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe. Many more were also present and the concours competition, won last year by JK from Jamiroquai, included a Ferrari 250 GTO, the 250 california bought by DJ Chris Evans, the only Lamborghini Miura Jota and a Jaguar C-type. Enjoy the Salon Prive 2008 pictures we’ve found floating around the internet.

Salon Privé 2008 Californias

Salon Privé 2008 Enzo

Salon Privé 2008 McLaren F1

Salon Privé 2008 LP560

Salon Privé 2008 250 GTO

Salon Privé 2008 Harrods McLaren F1

Salon Privé 2008 Zonda and Koenigsegg

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