Alfa 8C Competizione based on Ferrari California GT

With the success of the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione and 8C Spider their strategy was proven right. Now Alfa Romeo is thinking ahead. Where the current 8C competizione is based on a platform from sister-company Maserati, sources within Alfa Romeo say that the next generation Alfa Romeo supercar should be based on the new Ferrari California GT platform.

While the power to do this is not only in Alfa’s hands, their request could persuade Fiat and Ferrari directors to comply. The 2nd generation Alfa Romeo 8C will see the light as early as 2010 to celebrate Alfa’s 100th birthday. Clearly before this car can battle Alfa’s rival supercars on the roads, Alfa has some battles to win within the Fiat group. We can only hope they will succeed as well as they did with the 8C and the 8C spider!


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