Finally some first updates by the Bullrunners. First the bad news: Team Angry’s Daytona broke down during some wheel problems. Mr. Angry rejoined the Rally on Sunday, but the Daytona is getting shipped back to New York for repairs.

Today, on day 3, the Bullrunners are heading towards Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, Utah for their first checkpoint. We are pretty sure, that the participants will take the chance to give their cars some fast laps there!
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John Coyle of CarDomain joins Team Jeep during their Bullrun 2008.
He reports about Day 1: ‘Day one was a whopper. After leaving Calgary at at 9:30AM, we traveled 45 miles to the first checkpoint, and then drove 167 miles to the American border. We had amazing pulled pork sandwiches for lunch in Whitefish, Montana, and wound along the edge of Glacier National Park before stopping for the night at the Big Sky Resort. The journey was over 600 miles, and everyone on team Jeep was glad to get out of the car and have dinner. Most of the rally participants arrived safely, but along with Mr. Angry’s Daytona incurring a wheel failure, Wiji’s near-miss with the cops, and my trusty little Casio taking a dump, there were two other incidents worth mentioning. Just before the final stop, a couple of guys in a Ferrari 430 rear-ended a Corvette, and as 7:30 this morning, Richard Rawlings and his Caprice had not yet appeared. The Ferrari is out of the running, but the Corvette and the Caprice—which had a fuel pump issue—are expected to continue. Oh, and team Jeep came in tenth. Hell. And. Yes. I’m getting ready to hop back into the Jeep, but stay tuned for more coverage of the 2008 Bullrun!’

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