Renntech is know as the American tuner for Mercedes-Benz’, but beside that they sometimes try to tune other cars aswell. Today we can show you a package for one of the most stunning Benz’, the CLK 63 AMG Black Series. They gave the yet very strong Mercedes 50 bhp and about 80 Nm of torque extra resulting in a total output of 550 bhp. The bodykit is offcourse made from as much carbon fibre as possible and the car was lowered by 2 cm (0.8 inches).

Creator Hartmut Feyhl says:

Real-world performance is all about torque, not so much about a peak horsepower number at very high rpm. It can be very easy to build high rpm horsepower, but to get instant throttle response and mid-range acceleration it is more difficult, and this is where customers really want to feel that improvement.



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