Corvette ZHZ Special Edition

We think that the Chevrolet Corvette together with the Dodge Viper is the best what America has to offer in the supercar world. Or is there something else coming? Anyway, a Corvette is a good looking, very powerful and sadly enough for most of us unreachable supercar and that problem is getting worse when the car is tuned. But problems are there to be solved and that is exactly what Hertz did. The American leasing company ordered about 500 Corvette’s at General Motors and let them pass by house tuner ZHZ.

That one is only doing business with Hertz and gives the Corvette’s V8 436 bhp, paddle shift automatic transmission and Hertz’ yellow and black paint scheme. Other features include a dual-mode centered exhaust system, magnetic selective ride control, in front 18 inch and in the back 19 inch seven-spoke performance wheels and a rear spoiler.

Corvette ZHZ Special Edition

[via WCF]

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