Audi S4

We’ve had heard lots of rumours on the new Audi S4, but now we can tell you some official facts. The next-generation S4 will see the daylight in autumn 2008 at the Paris motorshow and it will not longer run on the V8 as in the current model. With all manufacturers more and more geared towards greener cars it also has an effect on the powerful Audi S and RS models. Like BMW, Audi replaces the V8 engine by V6 model. In this case a supercharged V6 petrol engine producing around 350 bhp. That V6 is based on the new-generation 3.0 liter V6’s and will, in good Audi quattro tradition, send the power all four the wheels!

Thanks to this power the sprint to 62 mph (100 kmh) will be covered in about 5 seconds. The top speed will again be limited to 155 mph (250 kmh) according to German regulations. The S4 will share the S5’s new S-tronic seven-speed twin-clutch transmission.

[via CarMag]

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